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Watch Pennsylvania Bald Eagles Protect Nest from Raccoon

Spring is the time of year when the newest members of the Bald Eagle species begin to hatch. But even after the hatching, they will need protection. Who better than mom and dad?

According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, "eagles defend their territory against potential nest predators like hawks, owls, gulls, crows, and ravens. They also protect the territory from other eagles, especially adult eagles. However, nest predators may include mammals such as raccoons, fishers, and bears that can hunt at night when eagles are vulnerable."

This week, a video (below) emerged of two bald eagles doing just that to an intruding raccoon.

Since 2013, Hays Nest in Pittsburgh has been home to nesting Bald Eagles. In 2014, the Hays nest webcam began as a collaborative project between the CSE and the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania. 

In 2020 the Bald Eagles in Hays' Nest have laid and hatched two eggs (pictured below). The first egg appeared on February 13 and was followed by the second egg on February 16. The eggs hatched at the beginning of this spring on March 21, and March 23.

To see more video, including a live-stream of the nest, you can check out Hays Bald Eagles on YouTube.

You can also find more details about the nest at the Audubon Society of Western PA's site.

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