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  • TBO Staff

Timber Rattlesnake Takes To The Trees In Pennsylvania

Photos of a Timber Rattlesnake making a hard-to-believe climb in Pennsylvania emerged this week. The pictures show the reptile beginning to scale a pine tree in Hickory Run State Park.

According to a Facebook post by Hickory Run State Park, "this protected snake species is native to Pennsylvania and comes in two general color phases; yellow (light color phase) and black (dark color phase). This one was photographed at Hickory Run today blending in beautifully with the forest floor before making its climb."

Experts say rattlesnakes can and do climb trees, but that it is rare. And even odder to see one of this size make the attempt.

One speculation is the snake was making an attempt to find an "egg-based" meal. It is also possible the snake was looking to get away from the nearby presence it had felt visiting the park.

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