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Pennsylvania Spring Gobbler Season Full Steam Ahead

The Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC) announced that the spring turkey season will start on time with no plans of changing the dates for the upcoming season.

PGC Hunter Outreach Coordinator, Derek Stoner says "right now, there is no plan at the Pennsylvania Game Commission to change or revise the dates or regulations for Pennsylvania spring turkey season."

Rumors had begun to circulate online that the season opener may change due to statewide COVID-19 restrictions. "There were a few rumors spread on social media that the season was canceled or started early. Those are untrue," Stoner continued.

The PGC used social media accounts to help combat the misinformation, and took the opportunity to answer some other lingering questions as well:

"The agency joins many turkey hunters in being excited for the upcoming season. Many have asked why the season can’t open early because turkeys can be heard gobbling in some areas. PGC has management plans in place that are followed to ensure long-term sustainability for wildlife. The Wild Turkey Management Plan specifies a statewide, month-long, spring gobbler season, opening on the first Saturday closest to May 1, plus a half-day statewide youth-only hunt on the Saturday prior. Pennsylvania has 200,000 turkey hunters, which is a lot more than some surrounding states, so our management plans are not, and should not, be comparable to those states."

The statewide season opener for Pennsylvania is scheduled for Saturday, May 2.

The youth turkey hunt is scheduled for Saturday, April 25.

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