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Pennsylvania Deer-Tagging Requirements Adjusted for 2020

Hunters with multiple deer tags no longer must tag the first deer they harvest before attempting to harvest a second.

The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners adopted a measure that makes effective statewide the tagging requirements that long have applied in the state’s Special Regulations Areas, where hunters possessing multiple tags may attempt to fill them without first tagging a harvested deer.

The commissioners said lifting the restriction benefits deer hunters with multiple tags, who no longer are forced to pass up opportunities to harvest additional deer.

Commissioner Brian Hoover, whose district is in southeastern Pennsylvania and Commissioner Dennis Fredericks, whose district is in southwestern Pennsylvania, both noted the tagging restriction has been lifted in the state’s Special Regulations Areas for years and has resulted in no apparent problems.

The proposal passed by a 6-2 vote with Commissioners Michael Mitrick and Charlie Fox voting no.

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