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Hiking & Backpacking Pennsylvania's Wilderness Photo Contest Winner

To celebrate 70,000 members in their Facebook group, Hiking & Backpacking Pennsylvania had a photo contest in August.

The Facebook group has become one of the largest outdoor communities, a place where enthusiasts and novices can come together, share their experiences, and help each other enjoy what nature has to offer.

The wilderness photo contest winner was Terra Haines, for the following description and picture;

"Penn Wood’s is plentiful in diverse natural wonders that could easily fill anyone’s bucket list. The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon and Rickett’s Glen may be some of the most sought after; however, Pennsylvania has more to offer than 90+ foot waterfalls and overlooks that can take your breath away. This photo best represents Pennsylvania wilderness because it depicts a beauty that can often be overlooked, and like Pennsylvania’s Wilderness to some folks, is very seldom seen. Our native timber rattlesnake is not only my favorite critter, but an emblem of what it means to be docile in nature while simultaneously demanding respect, just as the PA wilds.🌲"

Photo By: Terra Haines, winner of the Pennsylvania Wilderness Photo Contest

For winning, Terra received the following prizes;

Allegheny Site Management – a Labor Day weekend camping trip in the Allegheny National Forest at one of their developed campgrounds near Kane, PA and some swag (tent not included 😉)

Flickerwood Wine Cellars and Cocktail Lounge – $25 gift card

Logyard Brewing – a free flight of beer, a 4-pack to-go, and a t-shirt

CJ Spirits – $25 gift card

The following photos were the nine other finalists for the contest:

Photo By: Matthew Mann, "For me nothing sums up Pennsylvania more than rolling mountains, fall colors, blue skies and pristine waterways."
Photo By: David Nolte, "Pennsylvania in a nutshell. Desolate isolation, yet close to tiny towns. Every good view makes you work for it, and that's what the best of Pennsylvania is about. No crowds, no service, just you, an amphitheater of rock, and a 30 foot waterfall 💪🏻"
Photo By: Taylor Holt, "Eastern elk were a subspecies that ranged from northern New York to central Georgia, with the largest concentrations located in the Allegheny mountains. But when European settlers arrived and discovered the massive wapitis, as the were called by Native Americans, they exterminated from most of their natural range, and by the 1850’s the last remaining populations were small groups in what are now Cameron, Elk and McKean counties. The last known individuals were taken by hunters, one of which was taken by an Indian named Jim Jacobs not far from Saint Mary’s, PA, and the species was extirpated in the 1870’s. The PA Game Commission was created in 1895, but the idea of reintroducing elk to PA was not discussed until 1912 when the federal government was making an effort to relocate and reduce the flourishing Yellowstone National Park and Jackson Hole Refuge Area populations. In 1913, PA’s first shipment of 50 elk came by train and were released in Clinton and Clearfield counties with a law protecting the hunting of the elk until 1921 when a two-week season would be issued."
Photo By: Dusty Riehl, "Bringing the moody views to you."
Photo By: Justin Price, "Heart shaped oasis 💚"
Photo By: Claudia Sevel, "The view from Tracy Ridge Trail, Allegheny National Forest, PA."
Photo By: JC Clifford, "Wolf Rocks Appalachian By Pass Trail ... “Foggy New Day Begins” ... Every day the forest awakes and awaits those who seek its therapeutic qualities ... The Pennsylvania Wilderness saves me everyday - Brother Jack"
Photo By: Woody and Gina Woodring, "Shaggers pond is so peaceful."
Photo By: Toby Maynard, "Pennsylvania wilderness, close up. Sometimes the best opportunities in Pennsylvania are standing still. Blink and you might miss it."

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